Auburn & Opelika City Council Meetings, Brave Report, Huntsville High

June 5, 2019

Coach Dan Washburn in-studio this morning; D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); Mayor Gary Fuller (Opelika) on the Hamilton's Hotline, giving us a rundown of last night's city council meeting

Mayor Ron Anders (Auburn) on the Hamilton's Hotline to discuss the notes from last night's city council meeting

Golf Tournament at AU Club yesterday; Atlanta Brave Report; Duke Smith on the Hamilton's Hotline, commenting on the Brave Report, home run records, Cubs and Braves ERA

Process of being accepted into the association; discussing the St. Paul vs. AHSAA case

Major League drafting in the middle of NCAA Super Regionals; Huntsville High School students and graduates attacked on river float trip

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