Review on CWS, Coach Pat Dye, Dixie All-Star Tournament

June 17, 2019

Jeff is back from vacation; Coach Dan Washburn in-studio this morning; D Mark gives us the weather forecast (brought by the Opelika Observer); review on last night's game at College World Series - Auburn vs. Mississippi State; Coach Pat Dye on the Hamilton's Hotline, how much progress the truck stop is making, comments on Auburn's game last night against Mississippi State, Eugene Lenti hired as Auburn's softball head coach, talking about the farm

Jeff tells us about his vacation; more review on College World Series game between Auburn & Mississippi State

Atlanta Brave Report

FOX Sports The Game coming soon, July 1st; piggy-backing off of Jeff's vacation, is it not bizarre of everything happening in the Dominican Republic?; D Mark gives outan updated weather forecast; recap of Dixie All-Star Tournament; Houston Manning (City of Auburn Athletic Programs Director) on the Hamilton's Hotline, giving out a rundown of the Dixie All-Star Tournament

Coach Michael Patillo (Lafayette High School) on the Hamilton's Hotline, talking about his new position as assistant principal, plans for the future, his career at Lafayette, how the Bulldogs are looking

Coach hirings and stats

Jeff asks about Rush Propst, questioning if anyone is looking to hire him as a coach; Hueytown's head football coach Scott Mansell is out, Greg Patterson is in

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