Lanett's Coach Storey, Rankings, Beauregard's Coach Rob Carter

Part One

Monday, August 12th, 2019

Flashback to last Friday's tailgate at Greater Valley Area Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta Brave Report

Coach Clifford Storey (Lanett) on the Hamilton's Hotline, how he and his team are handling the heat, scrimmages, how to know when to stop in regard to prevention of injuries, preparing for the first game

Phillip on the Hamilton's Hotline, getting ready for College football


Jeffrey Epstein'a suicide in federal prison, more on rankings, AHSAA Kickoff Challenges, more on the Braves & other baseball news

Coach Pat Dye on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing Power 5 schedules in SEC

Coach Rob Carter (Beauregard) on the Hamilton's Hotline, discussing how practices have been so far, using his numbers, preparation for the first game, looking back on past schedules, and what's important/main focus in practice this week

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