Mayor Riley, Coach Allen, New Voice of Auburn Tigers, Coach Johnson

Part One

Tuesday, August 13th , 2019

Today’s show lineup of guests; Andy Burcham has been named the Voice of the Auburn Tigers, replay of his introduction video and excerpts of his new role

Mayor Leonard Riley (Valley) on the Hamilton’s Hotline, working with surrounding cities and its importance, celebration for the Dixie Majors Champions/World Series Champions, insight on meetings and opening the floor to opinions

Coach Jason Allen (Chambers Academy) on the Hamilton’s Hotline, managing practice in the heat, working with other coaches, playing Lee-Scott Academy as an opening game of the season, player spotlights; Coach Larry Gore joins the studio this morning

More discussion on Andy Burcham, the Voice of the Auburn Tigers; Brit Bowen to be play-by-play women’s basketball announcer, making history (2nd broadcaster for Auburn Women’s Basketball); Atlanta Brave Report; injuries in Auburn Football

Coach Robert Johnson (Lee-Scott Academy) on the Hamilton’s Hotline, scrimmage this afternoon and scrimmage at Crenshaw later on in the week, thoughts so far as to what he’s seeing out of the team, spotlights on players and rotation, game schedule

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