Lafayette's Coach Lucas, Brit Bowen, Beulah's Coach Johnson

Part One

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Preview of today’s guests; Mossy Oak Bassmaster High School National Championship wins and scholarships; Atlanta Brave Report

Discussion on new head football coach at Madison Academy – Bob Godsey; story time with Jeff

Coach James Lucas (LaFayette) on the Hamilton’s Hotline, brotherhood and bonding as coaches, different play plans and different players, the difference to get to this point, highlights on players

Brit Bowen on the Hamilton’s Hotline, the new voice of Auburn Women’s Basketball & ongoing voice of the Smiths Station Panthers, discussing his first radio job here at the station, his reaction to becoming a voice at Auburn University, announcing Auburn Softball and Soccer, going into his second season of being the voice for Smiths Station, his schedules overall

High School Coaches Show beginning Wednesday, August 21st at Moe’s Original BBQ; Coach Matthew Johnson (Beulah) on the Hamilton’s Hotline, discussing practices and responses, looking out for the team in the middle of heat advisories, rundown of practices, number of players and player spotlights, game schedule

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