Coach Gene Stallings, Andy Burcham, News on Mike Gundy

Part One

Thursday, August 15th, 2019

Robert on the Hamilton’s Hotline, offering up a live traffic report; Atlanta Brave Report; Mayor Kyle McCoy (Lanett) talking about the Lanett Film Festival

Richard LaGrand (Commissioner) in studio, discussing Ambitions on TV One, and wishing John “Paw-Paw” Mitchell a happy birthday

Mike Gundy in Stillwater; weather forecast; Coach Gene Stallings on the Hamilton’s Hotline, discussing updates on life, practicing in indoor facilities, Coach Ray Perkins and the white helmets, replacing coaches, more on Mike Grundy, and updates on his grandson

Andy Burcham on the Hamilton’s Hotline, discussing his new position as the Voice of the Auburn Tigers, FOX Sports Property, when he started with Auburn, Gary Fuller and radio, keeping it local, and speaking on duties

Atlanta Brave Report; more on Gundy at Oklahoma State; Eric Shaw from Reeltown Rebels committing to a college today

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