Andy Burcham, Recap of SEC Football, Coach Jamey DuBose

Part Two

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

More discussion with Trip & Courtney from Encore Rehabilitation, discussing upcoming events

Andy Burcham (Voice of the Auburn Tigers) on the Hamilton's Hotline - discussing his first broadcast as the Voice of the Tigers, preparation going into his first broadcast, questioning on his nerves (if any at all), and his thoughts on what her saw out of Auburn University during their first game of the season against Oregon

Results from in-studio SEC picks

Recap of SEC's first weekend

Coach Jamey DuBose (Central) on the Hamilton's Hotline - Recap of Friday's game against Cedar Grove, prepping for this Friday's game against Smiths Station, discussing areas of improvement for the team

Jeff Jerkins (Owner & Pharmacist) from Bubba's Medicine Shop on the Hamilton's Hotline - discussing compliance packaging and flu shot season

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