Prayers prohibited at football games, Coaches Jason Allen & Robert Johnson

Part One

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Preview of guest lineup

Monday night NFL recap

LSU locker room AC goes out

Opelika City Schools release statement on prayer prohibition at games

More on school -sponsored prayer at games

Phillip from Lanett on the Hamilton's Hotline - discussion & comments on Opelika City Schools statement on prayer prohibition, kudos to the leaders we call "coach"

Coach Jason Allen (Chambers Academy) on the Hamilton's Hotline - discussing the win over Abbeville, the next game against Cornerstone Christian and what to tell the team in preparation

Coach Larry Gore in studio

Braves win

Points on Saints and Raiders

SEC stats

AHSAA - no instant replay reversals

More on OCS statement

Coach Robert Johnson (Lee Scott Academy) on the Hamilton's Hotline - early Basketball this morning, recap of game against Edgewood Academy and preparing for this week's game against Morgan Academy

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