Chambers Academy & Beauregard Football, Auburn Soccer

Part One

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Coach Dan Washburn in studio

Overview of High School football games this week

Region vs. non-region

Atlanta Brave Report

Coach Jason Allen (Chambers Academy) on the Hamilton's Hotline - discussing Springwood and the game against them this week, last week's game against Southern Academy, team stats and health, and player spotlights

Valley Rams 3-0 so far in the season

Elba High - Varsity Coach Pate Harrison suspended

Tanner Blatt returns to Troy

Coach Rob Carter (Beauregard) on the Hamilton's Hotline - prepping for the game against Montgomery catholic, areas of improvement, and player spotlight

Coach Karen Hoppa ( Auburn University Soccer) in studio - updates on the team, conference tournament, upcoming game against Tennessee, and targeting

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