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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Six NFL Teams Who Had the Best Offseasons

Watch Colin Cowherd list the six NFL teams he thought had the best offseason, with Colin taking into account coaching changes, free agent acquisitions, and trades since the Super Bowl ended.

Denver Broncos

“I think Denver will be the most improved team in the league because Sean Payton and Nathaniel Hackett. They’ve also cleaned up their offensive line— Mike McGlinchey is a very good right tackle, and Ben Powers is arguably the best pass blocking guard in the NFL. I think Denver will look different, have a different sense of self, will have an actual identity, and be better in clock management. Russell Wilson will rebound, this is not who he was last year. I think Denver will be the most noticeably improved football team in the NFL."

Chicago Bears

“I think you gotta give a lot of credit to the Chicago Bears. Historically, I don’t trust their front office or ownership, but DJ Moore was a really good get for a young quarterback. Robert Tonyan the tight end from Green Bay you take from a division rival. Those guys are nice assets. They also got a bunch of draft capital to play with. They upgraded with two veteran linebackers who can play [TJ Edwards, Tremaine Edmunds]. It also allows them to go get specific players in the draft.

Detroit Lions

“They kept Ben Johnson the offensive coordinator. They cleaned up their secondary which was a bit of a mess, Cameron Sutton from the Steelers is a real player. CJ Gardner-Johnson from Philly is an excellent safety. They have franchise momentum and I think they’re going to be a noticeably better team, and a playoff team next year.”

Miami Dolphins

“Vic Fangio, their defensive coordinator, he may be old school but he is a great defensive coordinator. With Jalen Ramsey, they’re going to clean up that defense. Fangio may not be a head coach, but I hope fans understand how good of a football coach he is. They’ll be a better football team.”

Carolina Panthers

“Frank Reich, it’s a good staff. They went and upgraded Adam Thielen, Hayden Hurst— wide receiver and tight end. Vonn Bell is a leader on the backend of that defense, he’s a veteran and a smart guy. They lost DJ Moore so I don’t love that, but Adam Thielen can play. Miles Sanders is an experienced big-game back, nice work here.”

Houston Texans

“I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, I like EVERYTHING they’ve done, they’ve been tremendous. I don’t know how good DeMeco Ryans is, but Devin Singletary, Robert Woods, Dalton Shultz, Shaq Mason, Jimmy Ward— those are good football players. Every single unit is better that they addressed. I didn’t have a problem with them spending a ton on Laremy Tunsil because I think he’s an unbelievable player. The Houston Texans get a lot of crap, but they’ve been terrific. They haven’t been flashy, they went and got the right guys.”

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