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The Real Reason Why Aaron Rodgers and the Jets Are a Perfect Match

Photo: Steven Ryan

Colin Cowherd: “You look at the Jets and think ‘they’re making a bunch of noise’ and noise isn’t good but… Jets quarterbacks, the good ones and the talented ones have almost always been noisy. Joe Namath the rock star partying late into the night was noisy. Mark Sanchez, the GQ cover, the good-looking kid was noisy for a year. Zach Wilson— rumors about his mom’s friend was noisy. Sam Darnold partied so hard he got mono. Aaron Rodgers is a perfect fit. The Giants are the opposite. Jeff Hostetler, Phil Simms, Eli Manning, Daniel Jones; they’re quiet. They’re funny once they retire but they’re very corporate. The Giants are blueblood. The Jets have always been the little brother. They’re the little dog in the neighborhood that makes all the noise to prove how tough he is, and the big dog rolls his eyes because he doesn’t have to prove how big and tough he is. That’s the difference between the Giants and the Jets. The Giants are an accounting firm, the Jets are a nightclub. The Jets bark and bark, and make noise, that’s what they do and that’s what they always do. You can bank on it. Aaron is going to make the Jets newsworthy, fun, flashy, and they’ll get more headlines than the Giants, and they won’t win the Super Bowl because the Jets don’t. The Giants will be quiet and efficient with a brilliant offensive coach, and a smart GM who will help load up the roster, and fix the offensive line. In the weaker NFC they will make the playoffs, and then watch out. This is what the Jets are. The little brother always has to make noise, a big splash, to bark loud to show what they are, and nothing is more fitting than the Jets reportedly this morning interested in OBJ. That is so New York Jets it hurts. The minute he got loud the Giants moved on. He’s still loud and the Jets lean in. They’re a ‘make news’ franchise. That’s the reality, when you’ve got two pro teams in a city and so much money at stake— they take big swings, they want to make headlines, they want to be on the back page of the tabloids. OBJ and Aaron Rodgers is such classic Jets. I can tell you how the Giants are reacting to the OBJ news, and the Aaron Rodgers drama— they’re laughing in that building. As much as things change, they stay the same with New York football teams.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain how it’s so pitifully typical for a franchise like the New York Jets to want Aaron Rodgers, with the Jets always tired of being the ‘little brother’ of the New York Giants, and needing a flamboyant and controversial figure like Rodgers to fill their need for attention.

Check out the segment above as Rodgers details why the Jets and Rodgers— with glitzy Odell Beckham Jr. also rumored to be in the cards, are such compatible partners.

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