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Colin Cowherd: Why Bill Belichick Won't Work With the Dallas Cowboys

Colin Cowherd: “Dallas is not a good fit for Bill. Part of the success in New England was Brady consistently his entire career taking pay cuts. Dak is not taking them and he is overpaid. Brady was underpaid his entire time in New England. According to reports, this is just about ‘screwing the Krafts’. Never take a job out of grievance. Robert Kraft meddled one time on Jimmy Garoppolo and it drove Belichick nuts. Jerry Jones is listed as the Cowboys general manager. Goes on radio and talks about it, post-game talks about it... It’s not going to work.
Nobody is ‘picking on’ Bill Belichick. Nobody ‘picked’ on Bobby Knight. That kid’s throat didn’t run into his hand, Bobby threw the chair nobody else. Bobby's reality was created by Bobby and so was Bill’s. This New England roster next to Carolina is one of the biggest hot messes in the league – that's Bill’s roster. He took over draft days seven years ago and this is what you have – no receivers, no speed, almost no elite players.
He’s clearly petty, a grudge-holder, and wasn’t collaborative at the end. Belichick was a great coach but his reputation is wholly earned and that’s why he’s not getting jobs. You can rule with an iron fist when you’re winning, but when you lose the GOAT, a lot of guys aren’t going to play nice. No sympathy here, you earned what you’re getting.” 

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd shoot down the possibility of Bill Belichick commandeering one last hurrah with Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys, as Colin thinks Belichick’s current unemployed predicament is one that is well-earned and most likely permanent.

Check out the segment above as Colin discusses Belichick’s plight and says there is no exaggeration at all when it comes to former players opening up about how the New England Patriots dynasty wasn’t as coordinated and cohesive as it was previously believed to be, with the excellence of Tom Brady covered up much of its dysfunction.

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